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So, for many technology based startups with intellectual property, patents are an obvious route to go down. However it is not always the correct route and what you might think of as a good form of protection may actually achieve the opposite. Let me explain why: Patents are filed public documents that describe your intellectual […]

The Unknown known

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I thought I would lighten this blogs mood with a more esoteric experience that I refer to on a daily basis. There are considered to be three conditions of knowledge: Known Known’s – things you know that you know Known Unknown’s – things you know you have no knowledge of Unknown Unkown’s – things you didn’t […]

Competing Investments

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So, I’ve got to that time in any investors life where I have to make a fundamental decision. With ever increasing regularity, I get offered investment opportunities which compete with my existing portfolio. On the occasional times its happened before, I have declined the investment. However as time goes on, this causes my options to […]

Pre-money Valuations

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So I’ve just been offered an investment in a company. The company has been valued at a pre-money figure. Pre-money valuations are a less than reputable tactic used in the VC industry to increase the value of a company and it works like this. Your company is worth £1M, and you want to raise £500K, […]

3 Ways to value a company

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In an earlier blog I described the traditional way to value a company. Paul Graham of Y Combinator, attempts to value a company based on “equity vs. investor added value” using mathematical equations, essentially an ROI model: There is a third model which is often unspoken, and the only true measure: Your company is worth what […]