The Unknown known

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I thought I would lighten this blogs mood with a more esoteric experience that I refer to on a daily basis. There are considered to be three conditions of knowledge: Known Known’s – things you know that you know Known Unknown’s – things you know you have no knowledge of Unknown Unkown’s – things you didn’t […]

Competing Investments

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So, I’ve got to that time in any investors life where I have to make a fundamental decision. With ever increasing regularity, I get offered investment opportunities which compete with my existing portfolio. On the occasional times its happened before, I have declined the investment. However as time goes on, this causes my options to […]

Pre-money Valuations

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So I’ve just been offered an investment in a company. The company has been valued at a pre-money figure. Pre-money valuations are a less than reputable tactic used in the VC industry to increase the value of a company and it works like this. Your company is worth £1M, and you want to raise £500K, […]

3 Ways to value a company

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In an earlier blog I described the traditional way to value a company. Paul Graham of Y Combinator, attempts to value a company based on “equity vs. investor added value” using mathematical equations, essentially an ROI model: There is a third model which is often unspoken, and the only true measure: Your company is worth what […]