Climate Change Doesn’t Matter

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  Part 1 of 2. There is growing disparity between the climate change community and opposing camps. US President Donald Trump is the latest and most prominent climate change denouncer and has advocated reversing the USA’s limited support of climate change action. Arguments parry back and forth and much time and effort is spent on […]

Gaia, AI and Robots

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Are we approaching a singularity and if so what form will that take. {N.B. Singularity in AI is defined as the moment when general artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. The current median estimate from the combined academic community is the year 2040} While nobody knows any answers to these questions, general assumptions are that […]

More BT Broadband Woes

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So my phone line and therefore broadband have gone down again. For the full hilarious history, see my previous Blog post: The phone line works, but has so much noise that you cannot hear anything above the crackling, so the broadband is intermittent. If somebody phones the landline, the broadband goes off for hours at a […]

Apple vs. the FBI

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So I’ve been intrigued by this news story: On the face of it, Apple “could” write a backdoor to access a known killers iPhone, however with this backdoor software they would have the capabilities to access any phone in their possession. So I don’t understand Apple’s problem. The US (and other authorities) have exceeded […]


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So, for many technology based startups with intellectual property, patents are an obvious route to go down. However it is not always the correct route and what you might think of as a good form of protection may actually achieve the opposite. Let me explain why: Patents are filed public documents that describe your intellectual […]

The Unknown known

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I thought I would lighten this blogs mood with a more esoteric experience that I refer to on a daily basis. There are considered to be three conditions of knowledge: Known Known’s – things you know that you know Known Unknown’s – things you know you have no knowledge of Unknown Unkown’s – things you didn’t […]

The Future of Apple

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I was somewhat despondent at the latest Apple Event. Sure, they introduced a huge number of products and have made some great advances, but something has changed. When Steve Jobs died, he apparently told Tim Cook, “Don’t try and second guess what I would have done”. I think that has been misinterpreted. He didn’t mean […]