My Statement on Blockchain, Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies

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Blockchain is an amazing tool first proposed in 1991 and first implemented exceptionally well by the nom-de-plume “Satoshi Nakamoto” in 2008 to build the algorithm for the first Crypto Currency; Bitcoin. This was an brilliant attempt at creating a non fiat (formal Government backed) currency that contained the attributes of a finite resource (such as […]

Some Notes on Finding an Investor

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Just like prospective employers, investors are interviewing you and assessing everything you say and do. When writing to the investor, check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Consider using a thesaurus and perhaps seek out a friendly proof reader. When you request a LinkedIn make sure you compose a relevant message that explains why you are […]

Is Crowdfunding becoming a Ponzi system?

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I’ve been meeting more and more companies attempting to raise significant sums using Crowdfunding sites. The principle of Crowdfunding is brilliant and has evolved the investment community, enabling anybody to take small positions in exciting startup businesses. This in turn has helped created a vibrant startup ecosphere. However,  the crowdfunding platform is a competitive industry […]

Startup Slang

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For any readers interested in this series of blogs, I thought I would compile a list of terms used along with explanations. I try as much as possible to avoid using jargon, but just in case I have strayed to the dark side:   Bootstrap – Enough money and facilities to get started Seed – […]