Some Notes on Finding an Investor

InvestorJust like prospective employers, investors are interviewing you and assessing everything you say and do.

When writing to the investor, check your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Consider using a thesaurus and perhaps seek out a friendly proof reader.

When you request a LinkedIn make sure you compose a relevant message that explains why you are connecting. Once LinkedIn and having gained full access to the prospective investors details, don’t ask for their email address or mobile number when it is almost certainly on their profile or website.

When first connecting with an investor do not ask if they know any other investors. It is offensive and demeaning to the person you are talking to. If they like you and help you, they will probably connect you to other investors without you having to ask. If you have to ask, wait until you have a good working relationship.

READ. If your investor has a profile, read it. Better yet, if there is a website listed, visit it. Do a Google search and find out about the person or organisation. Learn about them, demonstrate your knowledge in subsequent communications. Or simply demonstrate your diligence by referencing material you have discovered. You are competing for investment and if another founder does this and you don’t, they’ll get considered  ahead of you.

Listen to the investor, they know a lot more useful information than you do. If you get them on your side, they will not only consider you for investment, they’ll even help you obtain that investment. They will also help get other investors onboard.

When they suggest doing something, do it. It’s not really a suggestion, it’s a requirement and if they have to make the suggestion, you may already be too late.

If you don’t respect the investor and don’t appreciate their advice or input, stop talking to them, you’re just wasting your time and theirs. If successful in gaining investment, you’ll need to get on with the investor and maintain a good relationship, perhaps for years. Even if you’re desperate and have exhausted all other avenues, do not sustain a relationship with an investor just to get their money. If you can’t work with them, taking their money will make your life hell and your business will fail as a result.

One thought on “Some Notes on Finding an Investor

  1. Great article.

    From experience , i found every investor to be different even on LinkedIn.
    I must say however doing a bit of research about the investor prior to contact gives more chance of a reply.

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