Climate Change Doesn’t Matter (Part 2)



In Part 1, I described why you don’t need to have a climate change discussion if renewables out perform fossil fuels.

In part 2, I shall explain how renewables democratise energy production and turn each individual home or business into an energy supplier and how that fits alongside other disruptive technologies that have already helped us turn from consumers to suppliers.



Technology is a great democratiser. The Internet made information previously held by the few available to all. News is now made and consumed by everybody, entertainment is made for and by the people through portals such as YouTube and every individual is as empowered as anybody else (at least in the first world).

Bitcoin, similarly is democratising money and making every person their own bank.

  • Instead of relying on institutions to hold our money and charge us for the privilege, we now hold our own.
  • Instead of every transaction we conduct being subject to a handling fee, we pass money directly without any third party involvement.
  • Instead of companies pulling payments from your account when they want to, we now push payments when we want to.
  • Instead of the government producing as much ‘fiat’ money as they wish, devaluing our assets and subjecting us to a much misunderstood stealth tax called inflation. We produce AND control the money.
  • Instead of the government having the power to remove us from our own money (as happened in Greece during the Euro collapse). We now hold our own money.

Bitcoin, through its incorruptible blockchain crypto currency, takes back control of our wealth from government and puts the power back in our hands! There are no fees, we send money to who we want to, we produce the money (not the government), and nobody can take it away or devalue it.

Bitcoin, or its superseding second generation blockchain crypto currency will democratise money and wealth as has never been possible before. If you don’t know what a blockchain crypto currency is, read up on it. It’s going to change your life, even if Bitcoin doesn’t.

So similarly, in the future, we will produce our own energy and become both consumers and suppliers, the national grid will change from a supply network to a peer to peer network, balancing energy production and supply between its equal users. Excess energy will be stored in the short, medium and long term by means such as super capacitors, batteries, superheated salt and hydrogen production. Energy will become so abundant that we create energy surplus.

But only if we are careful. Take care, as governments and businesses are fighting back.

Government has heavily regulated, deeply monitored and wrestled away huge amounts of control over our public Internet.

Bitcoin is slowly being supported and regulated by government and the banks. This is not, for the most part, in our interest or for our benefit.

Renewables are being centralised in the form of wind and solar farms and the energy they produce is centrally controlled.

We have the power as never before to create a truly significant democratic utopian society, but as with all societies, some will seek to take control and own the very democratic systems themselves. It is visibly happening with the Internet, it is starting to happen with Bitcoin and it will be attempted with renewable energy production.

It is up to every one of us to empower ourselves.

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