Should money go up in smoke?

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So another funding dilemma I have been grappling with recently. Whether to invest in companies that are growing, successful but losing money? My answer is always NO, partly because I’m canny but also because I don’t have infinite money to burn. However the U.S. is especially adept at investing in loss making businesses. Amazon is […]

Learn from losers

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I’m currently about halfway through Eric Schmidt’s book: How Google Works, and I’m not really getting that much from it. It reads a little parochial and tame, while the advice it offers is unrealistic. Most companies and CEO’s have a much broader job with many more challenges and a lot harder mountain to climb. Now […]

Lean vs. Funded

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What’s best for a startup? To relinquish equity for the security of drawing a pay cheque or Keeping 100% of a project you know is going stratospheric and will make you a billionaire. I have noticed a trend recently that more and more founders are viewing the startup community as an employer and starting companies […]

How to value a company?

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While accountants and solicitors will do their best to make this is an unfathomable task, it is actually surprisingly simple and easy. Here are the basic rules: A company is worth: Tangible Assets + Performance + Intangible assets Tangible Assets: If your company owns anything this has a value. items such as buildings generally increase […]