The Complacency of Mediocre Companies

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  I was inspired to write this article after a brief social media exchange between a car parking app company and myself over the failings of their security philosophy. You can read the exchange here. Companies often outsource their social media to specialist agencies for good reasons. These agencies are dedicated to responding to clients […]

Is Crowdfunding becoming a Ponzi system?

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I’ve been meeting more and more companies attempting to raise significant sums using Crowdfunding sites. The principle of Crowdfunding is brilliant and has evolved the investment community, enabling anybody to take small positions in exciting startup businesses. This in turn has helped created a vibrant startup ecosphere. However,  the crowdfunding platform is a competitive industry […]

Sometimes, Both Sides are Right

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Our culture is based around brands and protecting IP and patents. We firmly believe, in our culture, that patents, trademarks and IP should protect the holder, even if the practicalities behind it are less than perfect. Yet culturally, China is at complete odds to our protectionist systems. They believe in sharing IP and collaboration. Brands […]