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Notes from: “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu

So two events happened that are somewhat related. One about 10 years ago and another happened a few days ago:

A few years ago, I invested in a small company. This company had debts and as a high net worth investor, the creditors pursued me along with the directors for repayment.

After receiving a letter from a collector asking me to phone them, I contacted their head office. As part of their security procedures, I was asked to confirm my full name address and date of birth. I confirmed the first two, but used a false date of birth as I felt that was private information I did not wish an undisclosed organisation to have.

They told me that the DOB I had provided did not match their records and unless I was able to confirm the DOB they held on file, they would no longer be able to deal with me.

So after a short silence, I asked if that concluded our business. With some trepidation and uncertainty, they confirmed it was. I never heard from them again.

Event 2:

I have been dealing with a solicitor representing a client who is attempting to renege on a contract dating back some years. The solicitor is fairly junior and is unaccustomed to dealing with unsympathetic opposition parties directly. Fairly late on, they advised me to obtain legal representation. I replied that I had legal counsel but that they only have access to my legal team through me.

They responded by explaining that if I had legal counsel, they could only deal directly with them.

Once again, I asked if that concluded our business? They didn’t quite understand the statement, instead repeating their requirements. A second response from me finally allowed opposing counsel to understand what was happening. They didn’t have a response.

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