The Future of Apple

I was somewhat despondent at the latest Apple Event. Sure, they introduced a huge number of products and have made some great advances, but something has changed.

When Steve Jobs died, he apparently told Tim Cook, “Don’t try and second guess what I would have done”. I think that has been misinterpreted. He didn’t mean do anything you want, I believe he mean’t create your own principles and stick by them.

I don’t see a current philosophy from Apple, unless you call “follow your competition” a philosophy!

The Phablet, Pencil, iPad Keyboard, Pay, TV and Watch are all follow products and that would be fine if they reinvented the genre or made it something it isn’t already. But they don’t, they are all very professional, but they don’t revolutionise or even evolve anything.

Apple, I’m not really interested in what your doing at the moment, I’m more interested in why your doing it. And I can’t see any underlying philosophy other than enter every market and maximise profits.

That’s what most other companies do and thats something you’ve never done. Prove me wrong please, because we need a company like yours to evolve the world.

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