Bureaucracy is the enemy! – another mentoring tale

So, as I’ve recently discovered the joys of mentoring and as a newly self identified founder and entrepreneur, I don’t think there are many people out there more highly qualified to advise the startup than myself. In my humble opinion!

So, after seeing a request for volunteer mentors tweeted from an incubator I’d visited recently, I decided to reach out and offer my services.

They’ll know who I am, or if not, a quick bit of research will have them clamouring at my door, thought I.

So after emailing a few days ago, I got a reply earlier today asking if I could supply a CV and 1 personal and 1 professional reference!

I was slightly taken aback…..

Did they really expect me to have a CV?
And while asking for a business reference should have been unnecessary, I’m certainly not going to involve my family and friends in my work. They would find it highly strange that I would be asked for a reference in my position.

So, what do I do? A slightly bruised ego aside, I’m not about to create a CV. Surely my former companies annual reports, my Fathers book, my own book (work in progress) and the numerous articles written in the press should suffice anyone wanting to know more about me.

As for my personal life, well… Do you really want to know about racing horses, producing cider, or raising poultry. Or should I simply send my showreel with my appearances cooking on TV, or giving interviews? It’s interesting, but not really relevant.

I’ve replied to the incubator asking them to do some research and get back to me, let’s see what the modern dot com generation is capable of finding?

I’ll keep you posted.

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