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OK, so I now understand that the product is still in early stages and is incomplete. So the CLID is still work in progress (despite the FAQ’s).

No problem, still a great product which is already helping me work better.

However O2 twitter support decide that I have been unsatisfied with their support so ask me to direct message my contact details, which I do immediately. I now discover that the iPhone version of Tu Go doesn’t transmit the CLID, so I Tweet that 30 mins later. Erm… O2 Twitter ask me to DM my contact details – De Ja Vue ????  So I do it again, they respond saying they will get back to me ASAP.

Two days and several hours pass, so I tweet O2 asking how quick is ASAP? They respond asking me to email my contact details (kinda De Ja Vue again). I do this and get this response!!!

FYI: Hashed passwords means a password the system owner cannot read (so completely secure) which should be the case for ALL passwords stored by customers on systems. It’s the equivalent of your PIN, which your bank will never ask for:



Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting to back to me. Just so we can talk about this can you confirm:

The Full name on the account:
Are you the account holder:
The 1st and 2nd characters of the password on the account (security answer):



O2 Social Media Team





Hello Mark,

I am the full name on the account (as you can see)
I am the account holder (as you can see)

Not sure if you mean the security question, or the password?
If you mean the password, then no, I’m not going to divulge my password, if you can see it (i.e. if it’s not a hashed password), then I would be concerned.
If I have a security question setup I would be happy to divulge that to you, but I would need to know the question in order to provide the answer.
If you want to identify me without compromising my security, you could send a text code to my mobile and I could forward you that by email.

Before this becomes stupid however, you are clearly developing this product (which I am very impressed with so far).
it is effectively a mobile femtocell which is perfect for my needs. It clearly has some teething troubles which I am happy to help you solve, but I’m not going to go out of my way to do so. My guess is you haven’t fully configured the CLID interface within the Tu Go gateway, but I presume this will occur at some stage in the near future. So I am not overly concerned right now.

Beyond that, I do not require any tech support, but if you require assistance in developing this product, I am happy to provide it.

My concern is not the current missing CLID feature, my concern is the level of competence in your “guru” team, which was reported in my blog:
Best Regards



THIS WAS SENT today at 1:23pm.

5:20PM SO FAR NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve just received a response.

Remember the slightly ironic statements I was making to Web Chat about if a question has an A or B as an option, the answer cannot be YES!

Well, I wasn’t sure whether a security response means password or security question.

Well guess what, they did it again. When asked whether they mean password or security question, the response is “security answer” They have difficulty understanding that does not answer the question!!!

However latest response:


Hi Mike,

Ideally we do need the 1st and 2nd characters of your security answer to proceed with raising a case. The iPad should show the CLID when making a call from TU Go. I’ve tested this myself and was able to make calls with CLID being displayed on the recipients phone.

We are looking to release a new app soon with overall improvement so I do hope you continue to use the service.

Regarding the experience you received in Chat, this has been highlighted to the project team for TU Go, we have taken the feedback and escalated this to the Click to Chat team which will be dealt with internally.




I might respond, but I doubt it, until I know whether they are asking to reveal a chunk of my private password to be sent by unsecured email – VERY BAD!!! Or want a response to a question, which they have yet to ask.

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