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O2 spoiled a great idea with lousy tech support

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After watching click today, I discovered a new service from O2 that allows any device (iPAD, PC smart phone) to link to your mobile phone number and make and receive calls / texts from your mobile phone account over the Internet.

The App is called TU Go and it’s great. I can now make and receive mobile phone calls from my iPAD, this means if I have no signal I can still make calls over WiFi and even better when I’m abroad, if I have WiFi I can make or receive calls from back home without any roaming fees.




However one small problem, my iPAD does not transmit my mobile CLID (phone number) when making calls. No problem, thinks I, I will ask those nice people at O2 via a web chat. What a fiasco, the quality of tech support in most companies is appalling however the conversation below, shows a real lack of any training or competence by those that man these systems. Please, please please can all tech support people at least:

1. Get trained properly

2. Give the customer the benefit of the doubt, that they might be actually intelligent or competent.

The following is the script of my web chat session with O2, ENJOY:
info:Welcome to O2. A Guru will be with you soon.
info:You’re through to Guru giles.
giles:Hi I’m giles. How can I help?
Mike Hardcastle:Hello
Mike Hardcastle:I’ve just signed up for Tu Go and my outgoing calls from my iPAD are not sending my phone number
Mike Hardcastle:i.e. The person I’m calling sees number unavailable
Mike Hardcastle:According to the FAQ, my mobile number should be sent by default (which is what I want)
giles:Please allow me a moment.
Mike Hardcastle:OK
giles:Thanks for waiting.
Mike Hardcastle:No problem
giles:In order to make a call I’ll help you with the steps.
Mike Hardcastle:I can make a call
Mike Hardcastle:Just my CLID is not broadcast from Tu Go
giles:• Make a Call -From Keypad
giles:• Open TU go
giles:• Tap on ‘Keypad’
giles:• Type in Number
giles:• Tap on ‘Call’
Mike Hardcastle:Really? Why ?
giles:These are the steps to make call.
Mike Hardcastle:I’m sorry, are you suggesting a make a call from the keypad without using the address book? and this will solve the CLID problem
Mike Hardcastle:Or do you think I don’t know how to make a call?
giles:I’m sorry I’m helping you the steps from Tu go.
Mike Hardcastle:I can make phone calls, that’s not a problem
Mike Hardcastle:Do you understand my problem ?
Mike Hardcastle:Are you familiar with Tu Go ?
giles:Your number is not going by default.
Mike Hardcastle:So, can you investigate the problem, or do you have a suggestion for me to fix it on my side ?
Mike Hardcastle:Which ?
giles:Please go in setting>> my number >> update the number over there.
Mike Hardcastle:If a question has A or B as an option, the answer is not Yes !
Mike Hardcastle:OK, actually the steps are: Settings > Account > My Number
Mike Hardcastle:But that is already correct
giles:Please remove the existing and then write your number.
Mike Hardcastle:OK, I’ll try that
Mike Hardcastle:Actually that is not an editable field
Mike Hardcastle:My Name is, but not number
Mike Hardcastle:I think you need to see some advice from a higher level tech team
giles:This is setting>>phone>> my number.
Mike Hardcastle:No
Mike Hardcastle:Setting has:
Mike Hardcastle:Account, Devices, Timeline, Feedback, Help or T & C’s
Mike Hardcastle:Can you find somebody that has experience in this
Mike Hardcastle:Please
Mike Hardcastle:Thanks
giles:Thanks for your patience Mike
Mike Hardcastle:No problem
giles:I need to know, two numbers you call or text regularly and how much credit you’ve got on your phone.
giles:Please ignore this.
Mike Hardcastle:Of course
giles:Unfortunately the option of number change is not available in iPad.
Mike Hardcastle:I know
Mike Hardcastle:I don’t want to change the number
giles:This facility is available in only iPhone.
Mike Hardcastle:I simply want it broadcast
Mike Hardcastle:I have it installed on my iPhone as well
Mike Hardcastle:But as I have a mobile signal, Tu Go launches the Phone App to make a call, so I cannot test it
giles:Broadcasting of number is not possible in the iPAD.
giles:Many apologies for the inconvenience.
Mike Hardcastle:I understood from the FAQ, that it was not possible to prevent broadcasting the number
Mike Hardcastle:Your FAQ is incorrect
giles:Tu Go is a great app.
Mike Hardcastle:Very funny
giles:Is there anything else I can help you with?
Mike Hardcastle:Your FAQ says, your mobile number is
broadcast always and you cannot stop it from the Tu Go App
giles:Number broadcasting facility is not available in the device.
giles:This is not the feature of Tu go.
giles:Once you’ll install the same app in the iPhone then number will be broadcast over there.
Mike Hardcastle:OK, do you want to inform the Tu Go project team about the errors in their FAQ or shall I ?
Mike Hardcastle:A or B, not yes or no !!!
giles:I’ll do this from my end.
Mike Hardcastle:OK, Thanks
Mike Hardcastle:Bye
info:O2 has ended this chat session.



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